What Our Church Has Been Doing

When I think about some of the ways I've seen our church step out in the last couple of weeks, I am thankful.

I see generosity. This past Saturday our people went to the Florida Baptist Children's Home with necessities, gifts, and food to bless children displaced from their homes. Our people also blessed the house parents--you can just imagine how much work and stress it is to manage a houseful of kids from broken homes.

I see compassion. Our church family is stepping up and filling in the gap for each other. I think specifically of one family that we are going to help on Saturday, where the father is very ill and in desperate need of a heart transplant soon. Members of our church who are able to will clean, paint, and help with whatever else can be done. All for the simple sake of being a blessing.

I see discipleship. Groups are meeting to learn how to make disciples. People are getting out of their comfort zones and locking arms for the sake of the gospel. And they're not just learning how to tell people about Jesus--they're learning to disciple them like Jesus commanded. Regular church folk are doing this. That's pretty wonderful.

Then I see teamwork. The other day, our church met to turn the library into a welcome center. The people who came had a mind to work and there was joy and thankfulness and unity. You could tell people were excited just to see us working together.

I know our church has a way to go, but we're learning to walk together. And that excites me because I think that's how Jesus intended it anyway. I know there will be battles and frustrations along the way--after all, we have a real adversary and we're broken, fallible people. But if we can keep our eyes on the goal (to know God and make Him known), and walk humbly with God and with each other, I know God will do great things in and through us.

God bless.

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